Our Programs

At Mishkan African Leadership Institute (MALI), we offer a comprehensive range of programs designed to equip pastors and leaders with a solid foundation in Bible and Theology. Our programs are structured to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills that empower individuals to effectively serve in their ministries and communities.

Each program is carefully designed to cover essential aspects of biblical studies, theology, and practical ministry. Our curriculum fosters a deep understanding of the Word of God and equips students with the necessary tools to effectively communicate and apply biblical principles in their ministry contexts. 

Furthermore, at MALI, we embrace the core beliefs of the Christian faith, acknowledging God as the creator of heaven and earth, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection. 

By offering these programs, we aim to empower pastors and leaders with a solid theological foundation, enabling them to serve their congregations and communities with excellence and integrity. 

Diploma and Certificate Programs in Bible and Theology: 

  1. Acts
  2. Apologetics
  3. Basic Bible Doctrine
  4. Evangelism
  5. New Testament Survey
  6. Old Testament Survey
  7. Homiletics
  8. Christology
  9. General Epistles
  10. Minor Prophets
  11. Major Prophets
  12. Church Leadership and Administration
  13. Stewardship
  14. Hebrews 

Application Process: 

At Mishkan African Leadership Institute, our aim is to equip pastors and leaders in the church who have been chosen or ordained to serve in community churches and beyond. We welcome individuals who have a strong commitment to serving the Lord Jesus and are willing to adhere to the codes of conduct of the school. The application process includes the following requirements: 

i) Letter from Local or Home Church: Submit a letter of recommendation from your local or home church, attesting to your involvement and commitment to ministry. 

ii) Academic Requirements: 

  • Diploma Program: Minimum mean grade of C- in KCSE.
  • Certificate Program: Minimum mean grade of D+ in KCSE. 

iii) KCSE Certificate: Provide a copy of your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) certificate as proof of academic qualification. 

iv) A copy of National Identity Card or Passport 

v) For Diploma Program; have a certificate of relevant studies from an accredited university or college. 

We carefully review each application and consider the applicant’s academic qualifications, church involvement, and readiness to serve. Successful candidates are notified of their acceptance and will receive further instructions regarding enrollment. 

The MALI Journey Testimonial

Nicholas Alu's Journey at MALI

Praise God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Nicholas Alu, a Diploma student at Mishkan African Leadership Institute, and I also serve as the Class Secretary. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of the Kinyago family. 

I first joined this institute, as a born-again Christian who lacked deeper knowledge and revelation of the word of God. As the Bible states, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” However, being part of this institute has gradually transformed my perspective. I can now approach matters of faith with understanding and a clear conscience. This has significantly improved my standards of living, both socially and spiritually. 

Norah Nkirote's Journey at MALI

Greetings, and praise the Lord Hallelujah! 

My name is Norah Nkirote, I am a proud student of Mishkan African Leadership Institute. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty God for His abundant Grace and Favour. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this esteemed institution, as it has transformed me into a good and better leader. 

I want to say that the teachings and mentorship I have received at Mishkan Institute have had a profound impact on my personal and leadership development. Through the guidance of our dedicated faculty and the nurturing environment provided by the institute, I have grown in my understanding of biblical principles and acquired essential skills for effective leadership. 

Pastor Emmanuel Wambua's Journey at MALI

First and foremost, I am grateful to God for His guidance and love that He has shown to us. Secondly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the founders of Mishkan African Leadership Institute and the entire team of sponsors at Kenya Children’s Fund for their financial support through this program. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are deeply appreciated. 

Being a beneficiary of this program, I am grateful for the opportunity it has provided for me to acquire biblical knowledge and skills through the teachings. It has had a profound impact on my spiritual life and I am equipped with relevant knowledge that has greatly benefited the running of my ministry. 

Josphine Kambua's Journey at MALI

Praise God, and greetings in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Mrs. Josephine K. Mutie, a student in Mishkan African Leadership Institute, currently enrolled in the Diploma program. I also have the privilege of serving as the Class Representative for the Diploma Class. 

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the CEO, President Emerita of Kenya Children’s Fund, Madam Ginger Palm. I am immensely thankful for her willingness to be used by God in bringing about positive change in Africa, specifically through sponsoring this leadership program. The academic and social support provided by MALI has had a significant impact on our society. 

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