The Secondary School Faculty

The people making a difference at Kinyago Dandora Schools

At Kinyago Dandora Secondary school, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of all students and we strive to create a nurturing environment where every student can achieve their full potential. Our team of dedicated teachers and staff provides a challenging and engaging learning experience that prepares our students for success in their future endeavors.

We understand that education is not only about academics but also about character formation, social and emotional learning and holistic development. As such, we have a range of extracurricular activities, including clubs such as the Art club, Drama and Music Club, Scouts Club and Science Club that allow our students to explore their interests and develop their talents. Our Guidance and Counselling department, led by our School Chaplain and external trained counselors, also provides invaluable support to our students, promoting their mental health, social and overall wellbeing.



“I am proud to lead this vibrant community of learners, educators and support staff who are committed to excellence in education. Kinyago Dandora Secondary School is a project of Kenya Children’s Fund, and over the nearly two decades of our existence, we have lived true to our motto, ‘Lighting the Way”, with a focus on academics, nutrition, health and sanitation and spiritual nourishment.”


Deputy Principal Academics Teacher, Chemistry and Mathematics:
“Commitment, professionalism, work and love for all”


Deputy Principal Administrator Teacher, English:
“Be a role model to students. Do my best to the society”


Head of Humanities and Technicals Department, Teacher, Geography and Christian Religious Education
“With God, all is possible”


Teacher, Biology and Chemistry
“When you believe in what you are doing and use your imagination and initiative, you can make a difference”


Sciences, Head of Department Teacher, Physics and Mathematics:
“What you do must make a difference”


Librarian Teacher, English
“I believe in giving my all, working hard and impacting others through my actions”


Laboratory Technician
“I believe in strong work ethic, integrity and self-motivation”


Teacher, Business Studies and Mathematics
“I believe in hard work, honesty and determination”


Teacher, Biology and Chemistry
“The strength of a man lies in the depth of his or her knowledge about himself and his God”


Teacher, Kiswahili and Christian Religious Education
“Always believe in being the best in all that you do.”


Teacher, History and Government and Kiswahili
“In whatever you do, you should do it with all your mind, heart and soul as though you are doing it for God”

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