Welcome to Kinyago Dandora Primary School​

The school began as a feeding program for nursery children in 1987. We offer the 8-4-4 system of education with the following sections: Kindergarten, lower primary
and upper primary and since 2018 we have also been offering the 2-6-3 Competency Based
Curriculum (CBC) under the directive from Ministry of Education.

We strive and manage to yearly produce students with 400+ out of 500 in the National Exams (KCPE). We continue to be one of the best schools in the sub county and we have set to raise the bar to one of the best schools Nationally.

After our students are done with their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)
examinations, they transit to our secondary school, Kinyago Dandora Secondary School to ensure;

➢ Every child gets full benefits of Secondary Education
➢ Continuity of their spiritual growth and development
➢ Continuity of their sponsorship
➢ Continuity of nurturing and developing natural talents that were developed at an early stage.

Kids Feeding program

Through our feeding program, every student at Kinyago Dandora Schools receives two nutritious meals each day. These meals not only satisfy their hunger but also provide essential nutrients for their growth and development. 

Co-curricular Activities

At Kinyago Dandora Primary School we believe in enabling our pupils to discover their natural talents at an early age. We have several co-curricular activities in the school. We have sports, clubs and societies.

Summer Basket

We provide to our students with take-home cooked packed during Easter, Christmas and when they have month long breaks from school.
See photos and find out what learning in our Primary School looks like
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