Kinyago Dandora Junior School​

Welcome to Kinyago Dandora Junior School

Kinyago Dandora Schools is proud to align with the educational standards set by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education, particularly in the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum which was initiated in December 2017.

Junior Secondary School (JSS) comprises three academic years following the Post Primary Level, in the 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum structure. Our Grade 7 students, the pioneering class of Junior Secondary School, are currently referred to as the Junior School.

Kinyago Dandora Junior school Academics

Our Grade 7 students demonstrate remarkable enthusiasm in embracing new knowledge at this advanced level. The credit for their smooth transition goes to our competent and CBC-compliant teachers, dedicated to fostering a vibrant learning environment.

Evaluation of our students involves a dynamic approach, including practicals and project activities assessed by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). During the assessment period, our teachers provide valuable assistance to students, ensuring their scores are accurately submitted to KNEC.

Written tests, covering all subjects, are also a part of our evaluation process under the supervision of KNEC. As the Pioneer Class, our students eagerly anticipate progression to Grade 8, showcasing their commitment to academic excellence.

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