Sponsorship Program

"We can’t change the whole world but, we can change one child's world."

The Sponsorship Department at Kinyago Dandora Schools plays a pivotal role in providing children from the impoverished Kinyago Dandora Slum with access to quality education, healthcare, and nutritious meals in a Christian environment. 

Our Sponsorship Office fosters strong relationships between sponsors and their sponsored students. We handle incoming correspondence from sponsors to their sponsored students and ensure the smooth distribution of letters and pictures between both parties. It is our responsibility to facilitate honest and timely communication, ensuring that gifts sent by sponsors to students to celebrate birthdays, Easter, and Christmas reach the students promptly, and that students respond promptly as well. 

Furthermore, our Sponsorship Office is dedicated to providing sponsors with regular status updates about their sponsored students. We understand the importance of keeping sponsors informed about the progress and well-being of the children they support. 

During the admission process, the Sponsorship Office plays a crucial role in identifying needy deserving children from the Kinyago Dandora slum. Through home visits, we assess the circumstances of potential students to ensure that only those who truly lack access to education are given the opportunity to be a part of Kinyago Dandora Schools. 

Our commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the boundaries of our school. The Sponsorship Office identifies and assists the most vulnerable individuals in the Kinyago Dandora Community, including orphans, the sick, and the elderly. We provide them with hope and love by donating solar lantern lights and Care baskets on a regular basis. 

Through our sponsorship program, our students gain prayer partners who become lifelong friends. Sponsors have the privilege of witnessing the growth and development of their sponsored children through every stage of life. 

We express deep gratitude to our sponsors who demonstrate kindness, compassion, and unwavering dedication to changing a child’s world. Their continued support through the Kenya Children’s Fund enables us to carry out our mission effectively. 

May God bless the Kenya Children's Fund and Kinyago Dandora Schools.

To become a sponsor and make a difference in a child’s life, please click the link: 

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