Kinyago Patrick Wambugu

My name is Patrick Wambugu Migwi. My journey with Kinyago Dandora Schools began back in the year 2000 when I joined the nursery class. I was a young boy from a very humble background and very eager to learn.

When I think of my life at Kinyago Dandora Schools, my heart is filled with a lot of gratitude. You see, life at home was not so easy, so when I joined Kinyago Dandora Schools, my life took a great turn. Kinyago Dandora Schools provided me with quality education, proper spiritual guidance and counselling, a well-balanced diet (which sometimes was hard to get at home) and a better healthcare. Kenya Children’s Fund led by our Mum Ginger Palm through Kinyago Dandora Schools sponsored my education from Primary level all the way to the university level. I can’t fail to mention my Sponsors; Ron and Nancy Tschetter who have been with me since I was in Primary School till now. They have been regularly writing me letters encouraging me, sending me gifts, prayed for me and not even once did they miss to wish me a happy birthday. Their support really impacted and influenced my life.

In 2010 I finished my Primary education and joined Kinyago Dandora Secondary School in 2011. In high school, the great teachers really influenced my life positively. My relationship with God became personal, this is because of the strong Christian Union and a wonderful Chaplain that we had. In 2014 I finished my secondary education after successfully finishing my KCSE Exams and September 2015, I joined Maseno University and pursued Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences with IT (Course work around Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science).

Kinyago Dandora Schools greatly impacted my life in ways that I only dreamed of. I have been equipped spiritually, academically and with necessary skills to face challenges in life. I have learnt the importance of giving back to the vulnerable in the society and how vital it is to be hopeful, prayerful and to keep the faith and trust in God at all times.

Kinyago Dandora Schools has been a major contributor to the person that I am today. Since graduating I have worked for various organizations but currently, I am working as the Alumni Relations and Networking Coordinator at Kinyago Dandora Schools. I am very happy and contented to be part of the team that will touch lives of the economically disadvantaged Children of the Dandora Community.

God Bless Ron and Nancy Tschetter, Kinyago Dandora Schools, Our mum Ginger Palm and Kenya Children’s Fund

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